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The joy and pain of memories

“Pain reminds you the joy you felt was real”

– Wallace (Blade Runner 2049)

But was it or is it real? Human memory is unreliable, manipulable by ourselves and others. What we remember may not be what it was, but it is what it is now for you. It’s your current reality, your present experience. That pain is born from the value you give to those memories, from the wish to live them again as you remember them now. Once they may have been true, once you may have enjoyed as much as you believe now.

Penetration Testing Framework

Thanks to a document written by my colleague Joan, I’ve discovered a great page about the steps that we can take when doing a penetration test. Maybe the web content is too large but it has several interesting resources that has helped me during our last project in Deloitte.

Additionally, today I’ve discovered an interesting place called Fake name generator, where you can get random information (name/surname/address/mastercard) of non-existent people. This data may be useful for implementing automated tests (filling forms) or masking data.

Rails’ Breakpoint does not work in Ubuntu Feisty (ruby version problem)

Ruby 1.8.5 is installed by default in Ubuntu Feisty, this version presents some problems when you try to program with Rails. If you want to debug your application using breakpointers, Webrick will abort showing the following message:

Breakpoints are not currently working with Ruby 1.8.5

RAILS_ROOT: script/../config/..
Application Trace | Framework Trace | Full Trace

vendor/rails/railties/lib/breakpoint.rb:21:in `of_caller'
vendor/rails/railties/lib/breakpoint.rb:543:in `breakpoint'
app/controllers/books_controller.rb:19:in `show'

In order to avoid this problem, I’ve downgraded my ruby version to the one used in Edgy (the previous version of Ubuntu). Concretely, it is necessary to downgrade this packages:
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Game prototype: Work progress

As you probably know, I am working in a small Czech company doing a demo of a Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG). I am working very hard these days because I want to get some good advances. I am using

OpenTNL: Fantastic library for MMOG, it implements a protocol using UDP that guarantees packet order without lost ones.

OGRE: 3D engine, really nice. Now that I know a little bit about it I am wondering why I did not use it in the past?? I know some University practices where I could use this engine to make it more easy and beautiful.

I have usefull code working with OpenTNL, although I want to improve it. Now I understand how OGRE works, so I need to think about how I can use it in combination with OpenTNL. Tonight I have been thinking in the design and it is not easy work, but I hope I can manage.

It is a pitty that I do not have enough talent to create good 3D models and sounds, but well, for these kind of things we will have another person in the company.

The best part is that I am really enjoying it 🙂

Conference at Silicon Hill

I have just fixed a date for doing a conference in Prague…

Date: 26th May 2005
Time: 16:00
Place: Strahov koleje (Block 7), Prague (Czech Republic)
Language: English
Topic: Free Software

– History
– Defintion
– Myths
– Free Software in Spain
– Ubuntu

After my presentation, Petr (Czech linux user) will talk about his experiences and how can we develop applications for GNU/Linux. And I do not know if Michal (another Czech linux user) will be able to talk about GNU/Linux games and how can we develop games for that platform.

I do not feel that my English skills have been improved during this period, but I want to try to do it. I think it can be interesting, although I am sure I will be a little bit nervous because it is the first time I do a conference in English 😀

The conference room is very small, capacity is limited to 30 people… and I am not sure if it is going to come too many, so I hope that a relaxed environment will help me 😉