Life = Risk

I used to have a dear and close friend with whom I would discuss how life is risk. While it is possible to predict the outcomes of many physics experiments with a high degree of certainty, the farther we move away from the fundamental aspects of reality, the more difficult it becomes. At a certain point, our understanding of a system can only be based on informed intuitions and educated guesses. The complexity of a system such as our human society is immense, with countless elements influencing and impacting one another in retroactive loops, irreversible changes, and non-linear responses. We cannot accurately predict the long-term effects of our decisions, including the choice of not making a decision. Uncertainty pervades our human experience at every turn, and it can at times paralyze us.

2 thoughts on “Life = Risk

  1. Derivatives in Mathematics, subconscious mind in psychology, deep learning in AI,…

    They don’t tell the whole story, we don’t fully understand them, but they can help in anticipating where a certain decision is taking you towards… Then you take a few steps, stop and think again…

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