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Conference at Silicon Hill

I have just fixed a date for doing a conference in Prague…

Date: 26th May 2005
Time: 16:00
Place: Strahov koleje (Block 7), Prague (Czech Republic)
Language: English
Topic: Free Software

– History
– Defintion
– Myths
– Free Software in Spain
– Ubuntu

After my presentation, Petr (Czech linux user) will talk about his experiences and how can we develop applications for GNU/Linux. And I do not know if Michal (another Czech linux user) will be able to talk about GNU/Linux games and how can we develop games for that platform.

I do not feel that my English skills have been improved during this period, but I want to try to do it. I think it can be interesting, although I am sure I will be a little bit nervous because it is the first time I do a conference in English 😀

The conference room is very small, capacity is limited to 30 people… and I am not sure if it is going to come too many, so I hope that a relaxed environment will help me 😉

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