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Game prototype: Job and final project

It has been a long time since my last post, lot of things had happened 🙂 I do not really know why I do not write more often in my Blog, it is just because I am lazy or… who knows 😉

I have already defined my final project, although it is pending of the formal acceptance. I have also decided to work with Alexander, who is starting a new company called Novuz. So I have been able to convice my teachers to do a final project related to the work I am doing in Novuz. It is a part time job (20 hours a week) and I can work from my room, so I do not have to go to any office. And what I am doing in my job? We are working in a demo of a possible massively multiplayer online game (MMOG), it is necessary to develop a demo in order to get investors for doing the final game.

So my job/final project is really cool, I am in charge of the server side of the game so I have to look for Artificial Intelligence, Networking and those things… everything for a UNIX like system (GNU/Linux :P). I am really motivated with this, I have been reading a lot of things about making MMORPG or MMOG.

A game is normally composed by different parts:
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Playing with a webcam in GNU/Linux

I have been playing with my webcam in GNU/Linux, I have found this web where you can find a list of interesting applications you can use with a TV or webcam (everything is Video4Linux). I have tested several of them, the most insteresting for me:

  • webcamserver You can make your camera’s stream available through a Java Applet.
  • lives You can insert effects in your videos, I have not tested it too much.
  • EffecTV Absolutely fantastic, you can add real time effect to your camera image… as I have see you can play with “video loopback” to try to record the result. I have to search more info about vloopback.
  • Camorama GNOME app

The only thing I have not been able to do is recording video with a decent program 🙁 Xawtv does not permit me to use a lower resolution, it takes 640×480 and the frame rate is too low for a good video.

Beatrix LiveCD

I have started playing around with Beatrix LiveCD, it is based in Ubuntu with Knoppix boot loader and Kanotix installer. It seems that they have integrated part of the desktop into the kernel so it get loaded very very fast. It is oriented to old computers so it comes with little software, but as it is like an Ubuntu… you can install anything you want later. I am now downloading others liveCDs in order to compare them 🙂